Lost Pocketbook - Sunday February 1, 1925

Warm today. Girls went to S.S.
B. went to S.S. + church.

We took a ride, stopped by Kohler's then went and got eggs. 6 doz. at 65c.
Stopped at Jensen Foundry1, wonderful work he does.

Lost pocketbook with $.75 in it2.

Went to P. Show "Hot Water"3 not so good. Came home had lunch and went to Clara's. Played 500. Ret'd at 12:15 P.M.

D. S.S.
D. Church

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1. Presumably an artist's foundry, rather than an industrial one. Can't find any mention online of a foundry owned by someone names Jensen in the Akron OH area during this time. Could be a local artist?
2. I can only imagine the conversation after losing her pocketbook - especially since her husband isn't giving her the money he promised and that she is borrowing money from her daughters weekly!
3. Imdb.com lists a movie claled "Hot Water" released in October 1924 - likely this is what they
say. This is a film starring Harold Lloyd.
This is the plot synopsis they give:"
Episodic look at married life and in-law problems. Adventures include a ride on a crowded trolley with a live turkey; a wild spin in a new auto with the in-laws in tow; and a sequence in which Hubby accidently chloroforms his mother-in-law and is convinced that he has killed her. When she begins sleep-walking, he thinks that she has returned to haunt him."
Our writer thought this movie was "not so good" - guess she doesn't like comedies!
4. This is money given to the kids for Sunday School and Church - she doesn't list amounts. Maybe she is still seething amount the lost $.75!

1924 Harold Lloyd in Hot Water

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