The Dixie Handicap - Sunday February, 22 1925

Warm today. Rain

Girls went to SS. B. went to SS. and church

Took a ride in afternoon + went to P.S.1

at Falls. "The Dixie Handicap"2 very good.

6 doz eggs @.45

Saw a robin today.3

Girls washed dishes.

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1. Picture Show
2. "The Dixie Handicap" - Starring Claire Windsor and Frank Keenan. This romantic drama only used half the clich├ęs of the typical horse racing story. There's the impoverished Colonel (or in this case, a judge) and his pretty daughter, who may have to marry the bad guy who has the mortgage on the family home. At least the story draws the line at this juncture -- there... are no drugged or kidnapped jockeys and the heroine doesn't put on the jockey's outfit to ride the horse to victory, which is the way most racing melodramas end. Judge Roberts (Frank Keenan) is living a life of genteel poverty, but he doesn't let his daughter, Virginia (Claire Windsor, photo left), know. He rears her in luxurious circumstances by selling off his land, bit by bit, until all that is left is the old homestead and a racehorse, who is about to have a colt. But the horse gets out of the stable during a rainstorm and dies after giving birth. The colt, Dixie, just barely survives. Johnny Sheridan (Lloyd Hughes) is down on his luck, and Judge Roberts takes him in. The young man works in the stable and when the colt, Dixie, is badly injured, he saves its life. Dexter, a trainer for a neighboring millionaire (John St. Polis), finally tells Virginia the truth about her father's circumstances. Dixie is entered in a big race and wins 50 thousand dollars, saving Virginia from marrying the man who carries the mortgage on the old homestead. It turns out that Sheridan comes from a good family, so he is able to marry Virginia.
3. I thought this was the sweetest thought - like she is longing to see Spring!


  1. Glad to see you back!

  2. I know I know... just have to get myself in gear! ;)

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