6 below - Wednesday January 28, 1925

6 below this morning.1

Washed clothes today, washed all of the downstairs floors + cleaned cellarway. D. went to a party at Harriet's returned at 11:45.

B. went to P. School, Ret'd at 12:20.2
D. Mummer here this P.M. + to dinner. Cooked a whole ham as M. Washington3 cooked it + it was delicious!

Made collar + cuffs for D.'s green dress.

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1. Yikes - cold!
2.So does she really think that Plumbing School continues until past midnight? As we have seen in other posts, his nightly plumbing school often brings him home much later than this...
3. M. Washington? Martha Washington? The White House Cookbook was published in the 1880's, but it does not specify recipes from certain administrations. She may just be referring to an old style of cooking Virginia Ham. There is a modern book entitled "Martha Washington's Booke of Cookery and Booke of Sweetmeats" which is described on the Mount Vernon website as "being a Family Manuscript, curiously copied by an unknown Hand sometime in the seventeenth century, which was in her Keeping from 1749, the time of her Marriage to Daniel Custis, to 1799, at which time she gave it to Eleanor Parke Custis, her granddaughter, on the occasion of her Marriage to Lawrence Lewis." The book contains over 500 recipes dating from Elizabethan and Jacobean time in a classic that captures the essence of early American folk culture". Sounds like a fascinating read! I must find a copy soon!

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