Cold as Cold - Thursday February 26, 1925

Cold as Cold + a strong wind.
H.+ R. went to town.
Stockings1 $9.08
Carfare .25
T. Paper .10

Flour 1.40
Yeast Foam2 .10
Bread .08
Papers .04

1925 Artificial Silk Stocking ad

1. By the 1920s stockings with patterns were hot fashion items. Flesh and soft pastel colors were popular and they were made in either silk or artificial silk known as art silk later called rayon. The rayon stockings were very shiny so girls powdered their legs to dull them before venturing out. Lastex, a rubber based thread was used in knee highs in bright colors.
2. Yeast Foam - a brand name of yeast cakes, often advertised as a healthy choice

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