Breakfast in Bed - Saturday January 31, 1925

D. bro't us our Breakfast in bed. Quite warm today.

B. said he would give me $50.00 on the last of ea. month but he didn't. He gave me $15.00 said he paid the rent but had no receipt.1

Went to B.B. Game.2 North Juniors + West Juniors played 12-16 North. North + West 23-21 West.3 Wonderful Game.

Coffee $.52
5 radishes $.20
Papers $.04
25# sugar $1.75
Parsnips $.25
Butter $.47
Apples $.30
1pk Potatoes $.30
4 G.Fruit $.25
5 Peppers $.25
2 Toilet P.4 $.25
H.Radish $.15
Onions $.05
Eggs $.65
L.H.J.5 $.10

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1. We still don't know what husband Bill does for a living. He does attend Plumbing School at night, but we have discovered he spends a lot of his time at the pool hall. Is this why he is only giving her $15 instead of the $50? Did he pay the rent??
2. Basketball Game
3. North High School and West High School in Akron. North High School at this time was located in what is now Jennings Middle School. West High School is now a housing complex for the elderly.
4. OK - without getting to personal, I would like to know how she stretches toilet paper usage in a family of 6, she only seems to buy a couple of rolls every 2 weeks or so. We seem to go thru the mega roll package from Samsclub each month, and we only have 2 in our household!
5. LHJ? Is this someone she lent money to? If she was paying someone back, she would have noted borrowing it, wouldn't she?

What Luck! Here is an actual photo of the North High School Mens Basketball team from 1924-1925! I also found and incredible website that should help to provide some other answers!


  1. Look at those prices! Though I know back then that what seems cheap to us now was really quite a lot of money.

  2. Thanks to my friend Beth who let me know that "LHJ" probably stands for Ladies Home Journal. That makes sense!