Ground Hog Day - February 2, 1925

Ground Hog day. Snowed this A.M. quite deep, at least 6 in.
B. came home to breakfast, had 2 eggs.
Olive S.1 came home sick had been home all the week before.
I borrowed S.'s2 snow shovel + cleaned the walks and sidewalks.
D. went to town.
Bill went to P. School Ret'd 12:10.
On Eden3 $5.00
2# Butter $.94
Car Fare $.25
Papers $.04
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1. Who is Olive S.? Our writer makes it sound like she is living there too. A boarder maybe? Friend? Another relative? We have already discovered the mother in law lives there, but we don't hear much about her unless there is a disagreement. Maybe that is why our writer doesn't go out much, mainly to church or S.S.
2. Who is S.? Must be a neighbor.
3. And what is "On Eden" - I have searched books, and other titles of On Eden from the 1920's...nothing. Is Eden a person? Is this a secret code for something? $5.00 is a lot of money for her, and books, music, films wouldn't cost nearly that much. What would she spend $5 on???
A lot of questions today!


  1. I poked around and found that Eden was a brand of washing maching. Was she making payments on her washing machine?

    By the way, I mentioned you in my blog.

  2. Thanks! I googled Eden, but a gazillion things came up so wasn't sure what it could be, but it is very likely it is an appliance.

  3. Could "On Eden" have been a bet on a horse in a race?

    1. I never read anything about horseracing in any of her diaries and she is so frugal with money I would find it hard to believe that she would gamble any of it away. But who knows...could be a side of her we haven't discovered!