Wednesday January 14, 1925 - Esquino Club Dinner

Frosty this A.M. Sun shone later.

Washed clothes today. Harriet's + Reva's green dresses, D.'s red waist, + H.'s brown waist + silk waist1.

Washed up kitchen floor + cellar steps - ran vacuum cleaner2.
Carl stopped by on his way home from work, traded his Coupe for a touring car3.
Bill went to Esquino Club4 dinner at Portage, then to Plumbing School, Ret'd at 10:30.
Loaned B. $2.00
Edith here this afternoon.
Papers $.04
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1. Originally I thought when she mentioned "waist" she was referring to a Waistcoat or vest - but recently I saw a 1920's fashion article mentioning a "waist-line" dress..."for those who's clothes demands were not so serious."
2. It could be that her vacuum cleaner was a "Hoover" which began just "down the road" from Akron in what is now North Canton, Ohio. The Hoover Company of New Berlin, Ohio (now North Canton) built the first electric vacuum cleaner that used both a cloth filter bag and cleaning attachments starting in the year 1908. It was invented by James Spangler of Canton, Ohio the previous year.
3. Touring Car - open car or car with convertible top
4. Esquino Club - I am assuming this is a fraternal organization or men's club, but I can find no record of it anywhere.

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