Thursday January 15, 1925 - Jane Eyre

Pleasant today. Kids sure have had a good chance to slide this winter. Didn't earn my salt today1.
Bill came to lunch at 1:45.
Mr & Mrs Kohler here this evening.
Harriet went to town this afternoon.

Bill went away after dinner, Ret'd at 11:45.
Papers $.04
Car Tickets $.25
3/4 yd. Gingham $.21
2 Bias Bind $.38
I mentioned the other day that as often as I read "Jane Eyre"2, (I) seemed to like it better each time. Now everytime some one calls B's mother3 must tell them what an awful book it is, not fit to read, and of course they agree with her.

Quite warm this evening.
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1. But she doesn't mention why or what she didn't do
2. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte 1847
3.What?? Her mother-in-law? Where did she come from? Does she live there too? If so, must not be very important since we have heard no mention of her yet. Maybe this is why our writer doesn't get out much.


  1. Maybe she just lived in the same town as her MIL. A lot of people stayed in their home-towns those days. She may just be a "prevalent" figure.

  2. As we'll discover later, the MIL does live very close by, and perhaps sometimes lives in their home.