Tuesday January 13, 1925 - Married a Dummy

Thawed in the night. Colder today.
Bill went to Cleveland with W. Caskill.
Doctor Koeler here.

Sewing again more slips.
D. + Helen went to P. Show "Unguarded Women".1
Ret'd at 11:00P.M.

Papers $.04
Bill returned at 8:00 P.M., hadn't had his dinner.2

It seems the queerest thing but B. can stay out until morning but as soon as he is home before dinner or after, he is asleep.
Might just as well have married a dummy. Would have been just as pleasant a companion.3
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1. Silent Movie : "Unguarded Women" 1924, starring Bebe Daniels, Richard Dix, and Mary Astor in a minor role. This Paramount drama was based on the novel Face, by Lucy Stone Terrill. There are no copies of the original film, or photos. Below is a photos still from another Mary Astor film of the same year.
2. This is the first evening we have seen the writers husband stay home in the evening. Which must be why she is so bothered later in this entry.
3. Wow. So I guess it does bother her that he stays out every night. I'm impressed that she had the guts to write about her feelings about her husband. I wonder if he knew about this diary, or how she hid it from him.

1924 "Beau Brummel" Mary Astor and John Barrymore


  1. So strange for a woman in that time frame to write about feelings, particularly when if discovered things could be quite bad for her. After all, it was so much a Mans world then. She most likely wouldn't have gotten any help from friends or family, because it was duty to support her man and keep her mouth shut. Very interesting indeed.

    With the amount of hard work that also existed for housewives then, how did she find time, and secret to write her journal?

    Very odd

  2. Yes I have often wondered about how secretive she had to have been to write this journal, and as she gets more detailed in her feelings. When did she write it - late at night, daytime while kids and husband were away? Where did she hide the journal?

  3. It seems like her husband is very disconnected, anyway, and he probably wouldn't have noticed. I am willing to bet, though, she just told the family it was her ledger for her daily spending - which it was.