Sunday January 11, 1925 - 4 doz. Eggs

Colder today. Girls went to S.S., Bill went to Church1.
Bob + Joy were here. Bill, Reva, + I went to Thomas for eggs2, stopped and left Bob + Joy at home.

Bill bought 4 doz. eggs3.

Larger Times out today Price 10c.
D. Church $.50
R. + H. $.10
Times + Leader $.20
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1. Still no mention of our writer ever going to church.
2. I think this is the first mention of our writer leaving the house - except I would presume she leaves to purchase the items she lists each day, but I guess this isn't important enough to mention?
3. I thought it was interesting that she mentions "Bill" bought the eggs, rather than "we" bought eggs. Which I guess is why she doesn't mention the eggs in her daily spending list. According to the price of a dozen eggs in 1925 was typically .25c, so maybe our writer can't afford $1 out of her daily budget.

1920's Egg Production Farm


  1. Hi,
    Enjoying the diary. Can you tell me where you found the 1920s egg production farm picture?

  2. I just ran across your blog through a link on another blog. I am intrigued by this diary, as you obviously are.
    I haven't read but a few entries, but I can't wait to read further. Now that I'm retiring in a couple of months, I intend to start a diary, as well. Bill is a piece of work...wish I knew what he was doing...LOL She doesn't seem to have much joy, I guess I'll find out as I read on. Thanks for sharing, Cathy