Picture Show "A. Lincoln" - Tuesday January 20, 1925

About 6 inches of snow fell in night.
Quite warm.
Shoveled snow this morning + then went to bed. Harriet did not go to school this P.M. She was exempted from English. D. takes History exams this P.M., am very much disappointed in D.'s grades this semester, do not think she applies her self to her lessons, at all as she should.
H. went to Campfire.
D. went to Senior Class party, was usher.
B. + R. went to P. Show A. Lincoln1.
H. studied Biology.
Borrowed $.54 from D.2
B. Powder $.50
Paper $.04
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1. SilentEra.com lists a movie called "The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln" released in 1924. Short title Abraham Lincoln. The film stars George A. Billings and Nell Craig. Bios of George Billings show only a handful of films in the '24 - '26 years. Billings died in 1934. Nell Craig went on to perform in numerous films through the 1940's, most of them uncredited, most notably in The Women (nurse) and the Dr. Kildare series (Nosey Nurse Parker). No photo stills were found of the Abraham Lincoln film. The website states "The film is presumed lost : a fragmentary print exists in the Library of Congress film archive"
2. I guess our writer didn't have money for today's bills, so she borrowed the $.54 needed from her daughter.
Only clear photo we could find of Nell Craig,
1947 film "Possessed" with Joan Crawford.
Craig is listed as Nurse, and uncredited.

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  1. Interesing note about disappointed with grades. People were so much stricter, seems odd almost that she was allowed not to work as hard as she should.

    Continues to be a good read. Popped in today via blogupp, you popped up on my widget.

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