Monday January 19, 1925 - In the Pressing Business

Still Frosty.

In the pressing business today.
Pressed my pleated skirt, some job.
" " D. red waist, Reva's Brown dress, Harriet's brown waist + green dress partly.
D. did not come home from school until 6:00. Stayed to Censoire Farewell party for Seniors1.
D. went to H's in evening, Ret'd at 11:00 P.M.
Bill went to P. School, Ret'd at 11:30 + brot some apples.

Reva went to Campfire. Said Mr. Nelson said he was going to double promote her.

Papers $.04
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1.Even after re-reading this several times, I am sure she wrote Censoire...but I haven't found any record of what this could be, or even a meaning of the word. Obviously some sort of graduation party.

Everyday Fashions - 1925


  1. Very interesting. In your research have you been able to make any connections to current family? How sad this diary didn't stay in the family.

    I love the picture of the older styles.

    If you're hoping to make a connection, wouldn't it improve your chances if you used the real names? Anyone reading this with pretend names will at a loss, even if it might be family?

    You've jogged a memory for me. I have an interesting diary that I've not looked at in years and years when I researched my Mom's side of the family. I think I'll dig it out again.

    Wonderful that you're telling this woman's story.
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  2. I have researched the family quite a bit and without giving too much away, have found no direct descendents. I am still researching certain aspects of the family and will likely be able to publish the actual names of the family in the future.