Miss Bluebeard - Sunday February, 15 1925

Again quite warm.

This is a red letter day for me. I heard Reva laugh twice today1.

Girls went to S.S.

Bill went to S.S. + church

Went to Orpheum - Bebe Daniels in "Miss Bluebeard"2 Funny, walked around town and looked in store windows3.

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1. Not sure what this means, but as I read thru these I get the impression that either Reva is a moody teenager, or is she maybe suffering from depression as I am thinking her mother may be?
2. "Miss Bluebeard" a romantic comedy starring Bebe Daniels (1901-1971). Here is a modern-day review of this film being shown in a revival theater in New York in 2002, a little harsh, and it was probably a fine movie in it's day!
Bebe Daniels is talented and gorgeous, but this movie, is, largely, a series of of title cards... about the equivalent of reading a tersely-written play with a lot of photos from the New York production, which opened and closed in one night. However, when Raymond Griffith walks in, everything busts loose. The men are staring moony-eyed at the talented Miss Daniels -- we know she is talented, because we've seen her shine in Harold Lloyd comedies and in 42ND STREET -- as Raymond Griffith tries, unsuccessfully, to take a nap. He tries to get to bed -- only to find Bebe Daniels in bed with him, whereupon everyone rushes in to find her hiding under the bed and him cowering under the blankets. He wanders about in pajamas and a top hat. He collapses under the weight of fainting fiancées. Raymond Griffith is alive in this movie, while everyone else is, at best, posing. He is the one pleasure in this cardboard cutout of a movie and makes it worth seeing. If you are fanatic about seeing everything surviving with Mr. Griffith in in -- and his performance here, as in the handful of his starring Paramount vehicles that survive have made me anxious to -- then you'll want to see this, at least once. The rest of the movie, however, will stop you from seeing it again.
3. Since it sounds like they walked around town in the vicinity of the theater I am supposing the Orpheum is in downtown Akron, but I have yet to find any info on the place. But it sounds like she had a lovely day out...still not sure why she does not attend Church with the rest of the family. Is she staying at home to care for the mother-in-law?

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