Flat Tire - Sunday February 8, 1925

Still very warm, sun trying to shine, very little fire1 and doors open.

Baked a ham overnight.2

Bill set clocks ahead 1 hour + got us all up early.3

Had dinner and went for a ride, flat tire.4 Stopped at Ast's and had it fixed, went to Thomas' + B. bought 3 dozen eggs @ $.50.

Came back + went to Nixon + saw Gloria Swanson in "Her Love Stor
y",5 very good. Back home at 8:30 and read, had lunch6 + to bed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wow - eventful day!
1. Many homes in the 1920s did not have a central heating system - even those in urban areas. Most homes were heated with room furnaces or kitchen fires - as it sounds like our writer has in their home.

2. I recently found a cookbook dated 1897 titled "Mothers Cook Book" and I have been using this for some reference material - my first "go to" cookbook is always "Joy of Cooking" however this was not published until 1931, so I had to find something older. According to this book, to bake a ham you must:
"Cover your ham with cold water and simmer gently to loosen skin so that it can be pulled off" (remember this
ham was probably not from the butcher!) "Then pour over it a teacup of vinegar, one teacup of hot water, in which dissolve a teaspoonful of English mustard, bake slowly. Then cover the ham to a depth of one inch with coarse brown sugar and do not baste until it has formed a thick crust. Let it remain until it becomes a rich golden brown." YUM sounds wonderful - I may have to try this neck time, of course my ham already being skinned first though.

3. What? Was this a mistake or his version of daylight savings time? Daylight Savings began in WWI and was formally adopted in the US in 1918 - however there was no federal law until 1966 so state and communities chose whether to abide by it or not.
4. A flat tire doesn't sound like it dampened the afternoon - Ast's must have been a local handyman or repair shop.

5. "Her Love Story" a romantic drama was released in 1924 and starred Gloria Swanson as Princess Marie. Below is a review of the film from the New York Times on October 7, 1924 (click the link to read the full review)

Her Love Story (1924)

October 7, 1924
Published: October 7, 1924

Having satisfied her different whims by appearing as an apache, a society woman and a shopgirl, the versatile Gloria Swanson blossoms out this week at the Rivoli as the fun-fledged but much-troubled Princess Marie of Vlatavia in a film called "Her Love Story." It was translated to the screen from Mary Robert Rinehart's novel. "Her Majesty the Queen," a narrative on the Graustark order, which, as told in the shadow form, is a most fantastic affair.

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