Graduating Exercises - Friday January 23, 1925

Cold this morning. Reva was the only one who went to school this A.M. Ironed clothes this P.M.

Girls went to School this P.M. + were Promoted. D. to 12H1. Harriet to 11B. Reva to 7B, a jun.High2.

Jim4 stopped by the eve + took B.'s mother home with him. Bill came home at 7:00 - we hurried thru dinner + went to graduating exercises at Harris3 then drive to C.'s but they were not at home.

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1. Not sure if she is writing an "H" or "A". Could each semester be "A" and "B" ? But not sure why all girls wouldn't be the same. Further research has found that the area high school was North or North Hill High School, which in 1925 was originally located at what is currently Jennings Junior HS. The current North HS was built in 1931.We have found both older daughters on graduating lists for North (Hill)(more on the details later...). More information on North HS.
2. Not sure which junior HS she is referring to.
3. Harris could be Harris Elementary School. Formerly Caldwell School, annexed by Akron Public Schools in 1916, and current school constructed in 1922.
More information on Harris.
4. Is Jim a relative of our writers husband? Another mention of the mother-in-law, I supposed she is living there, but funny how she
doesn't mention her much except when someone takes her away for awhile.
Overall sounds like an exciting day for the family.

Typical 1925 High School Seniors

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