Thursday January 8, 1925 - Wonderful Moonlight

Quite warm today. The snow has melted from the sml limbs of the trees, just coats the larger branches. Harriet hurried back to school at noon to see basket ball game.1
Mrs. Rians + Mrs. Houston here this P.M. I ironed.
Bill went away after dinner.
Ret'd at 12:00.
Nellie + May here.2

Wonderful moonlight.
Post3 $.05
Papers $.04
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1. So not sure if girls come home for lunch - or is school only 1/2 day.
2. Not sure who these are - maybe the daughters friends? She seems to always refer to her friends by Mrs so and so.
3. Post - mail?

1920's Ohio High School
Boys Basketball team


  1. I don't think it was uncommon to refer to people as Mr. or Mrs. x y z. Don't think many people were so informal as to use first names.

    Love the old photo, wonder if you could look through all year books in the area and come up with a match at all?


  2. Don't want to spoil the surprise, but I have one single photo of a member of the family that will be published with the coinciding diary entry.

  3. Waists would be shirtwaists = blouses.
    I'm enjoying the diary, quite a lot!

  4. Her husband really runs off a lot, now doesn't he?